Graham Heath Equestrian helps David Irlam get Pre-Polo Season Ready

Graham Heath Equestrian helps David Irlam get Pre-Polo Season Ready

David Irlam has gone from being a leading authority in the logistics industry, to running a successful weddings and events venue, Colshaw Hall Country Estate. Yet throughout this massive transition, one thing has remained, his love and commitment to polo.

The Irlam family lived at Colshaw Hall for 12 years but has since moved to a house a mile away. It is for this new home that Mr Irlam approached Graham Heath Equestrian with a requirement for a livery yard and stables to accommodate his extensive selection of polo ponies.

Mr Irlam approached Graham Heath Equestrian to build the stables as he had dealt with Graham Heath Construction for many years, originally taking the team on to create other farm buildings, including a multi-use barn.

There was a requirement for high quality stables for around 30 ponies. Finer details also included smaller centre stables to accommodate smaller ponies with a particular focus on aisle size. The aisles needed to be spacious enough to walk the ponies through with ease, as well as providing a ‘workable’ environment.

Mr Irlam said: “I really liked the service that I received and the fact that the team was more than happy to come out, measure up properly and give experienced advice on what would work. Ultimately the quality and look of the buildings are what matters and they are always second to none.”

The project was delivered exactly to spec and on time to meet pre-polo season in February so that the stables could be ready and used to their maximum ability.

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