John Francome sees big improvement in stables thanks to Graham Heath Equestrian

National Hunt Jockey and former TV presenter John Francome sees “big improvement” in stables thanks to Graham Heath Equestrian

About the project

As a respected horse racing personality, John Francome MBE only trusts the best companies with his construction projects. In this particular build, John needed new stables built with existing eaves upgraded in order to make the most of his facilities.

His main concern was achieving a high build quality, which enhanced the practical function of his facilities without compromising the aesthetics – and that was why he turned to Graham Heath Equestrian (GHE).

“I needed new stables built and eaves upgrading at my facilities but it was important that the work not only performed a practical function but also looked great. GHE did an outstanding job on the work and generated something that was both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It looks and works well and is exactly what I wanted when I first set about getting the work done,” explained John.

The success of the work was not only measured in John’s recommendation of the service; it also boosted his facilities and led to what he described as a “big improvement” to his outfit.

Impressed by efficiency

As well as crediting the competitive prices and high quality results as reasons for choosing GHE for his project, John was also keen to comment on the firm’s efficiency and how it impressed him.

“I was most impressed with the efficiency of the services provided by Graham Heath Equestrian,” he said.

“Not only was everything completed to my satisfaction in terms of appearances and functionality but it was also completed exactly on time. GHE give clear and accurate projections with their projects so you know exactly where you stand. As well as delivering everything they promised on time, they also gave me exactly what I asked for in terms of build quality and appearances. The end result fitted the brief – I couldn’t have asked for more.”

The combination of these services provided by GHE are naturally impressive, John being a man who wanted a quality structure with functionality, GHE were able to achieve his objectives.

About John Francome

Starting his career in the horse racing industry as a jockey, John built a big name for himself by being named Champion Jockey a total of seven times. He is widely considered the third most successful National Hunt jockey of all time, riding an astounding 1,138 winners over his career.

After retiring from the jockey’s saddle, John worked as a trainer for 18 months before taking up a TV presenter role for Channel 4’s horse racing broadcasts. It was here that he gained great popularity for his no-nonsense approach and honest style that offered viewers an in-depth insight into racing and the work of jockeys whilst never being afraid to break conventions and highlight when he felt horses had been given a bad ride.

His work as a TV personality ended fairly recently – at the end of 2012 – when he retired from the screen but his work within the equestrian industry was far from over. John has turned his expert knowledge and unique style to fiction and produced a number of books that have even been features on the bestsellers list.

John is such a prominent member of the horse racing community that he was even awarded an MBE for services to racing in 1986 and now acts as the president of the Injured Jockeys Fund (IJF). He also maintains his own facilities for horses with this recent project completed by GHE highlighted just how committed he is to it.

A glowing recommendation

With a string of achievements behind his name, John is a respected personality in horse racing and this makes his recommendation of GHE even more flattering.

After they completed the work on his stables, he was so impressed with the results that he explained he would have absolutely no hesitation in either using them again or recommending them to others.

“GHE delivered exactly what I was looking for in this project and their high quality services and competitive prices mean that I would definitely use them again,” said John.

“I have recommended them to other people in the industry and would have absolutely no hesitation in doing so again. They offer a quality service which shows real knowledge of the equestrian industry and its specific needs. That is something which cannot be underestimated.”

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