Increased revenue from more training and riding clinics made possible by large indoor arena from GHE

Increased revenue from more training and riding clinics made possible by large indoor arena from GHE

About the project

Equestrian expert Lorna Steward needed a new indoor arena for her liveries. The constructed arena had to be big enough to accommodate jumping as well as riding clinics which she held regularly. Graham Heath Equestrian (GHE) was the obvious choice when seeking high quality, affordable results.

“GHE were great and very helpful,” explained Lorna. “If we had any queries about the project then they dealt with them immediately. They were second to none and their customer service was fantastic.”

GHE were involved in all stages of the project – helping to establishing strong plans and drawings before taking care of the construction. This ensured that the new arena was built to Lorna’s specifications and ensured that it fulfilled all of the purposes of her training and riding school.

Increased capacity

The end result had plenty of knock-on effects for Lorna’s business and ensured that she was able to expand her services to meet growing demand.

“The build has definitely impacted the business in a positive way,” explained Lorna. “Thanks to the new arena, I can now run more clinics for my liveries and also for external visitors – boosting revenue.” This has helped Lorna to address a growing demand for her services and ensure that her business is not held back. “More people are riding their horses and there is extra revenue coming in from external people,” she said.

Without a new arena to expand the facilities she offers, this vital market base could have been wasted.

Efficient service

Speaking about the service she received from GHE, Lorna was quick to speak about the firm’s approachable and accommodating nature. She explained that any queries which she raised were dealt with immediately – ensuring a speedy resolution and providing her with peace of mind over the progress of the project.

The exceptional customer service and dedicated efforts of GHE have encouraged Lorna to share her experiences with the company with others – recommending GHE as a reliable and trustworthy firm.

“I have recommended GHE to other livery yards in the area and will continue to do so,” she said.

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