What to Consider for Usability in Your Yard & Stable Design

Cheshire Retirement Livery

An American Barn can provide a tremendously versatile stabling solution. With everything under the one roof, the structure is ideal for creating a relaxed and sociable environment for your horse, whilst also simplifying your stable management processes.

Plan ahead

People who have one horse have a very special ability to acquire several more four legged friends. Plan for the potential growth of your team by including extra stables right from the beginning.Breen Equestrian (Hickstead) 1

Create a dedicated tack room

A secure and organised space for storing your precious kit will make it easier to locate your equipment and keep it in first-rate condition.

Consider installing a wash stall

A clean horse is a healthy horse! Good footing, drainage and a water source are vital. This inexpensive facility will be very welcome during the long, dark winter days!Cheshire Retirement Livery

When it comes to stables, size matters!

Horses and ponies vary greatly in stature and therefore the size of the stable required will depend upon the individual animal. At the very least, a stable should provide sufficient room to easily lay down, rise and turn. The size/type and number of horses is a major factor when choosing stable size and building size. i.e Ponies, Horses, breeding mares etc. 14ft stables would be suitable for most horses but you would need something much larger for a breeding mare box. Therefore, all this needs to be considered when planning your design. We offer a range offer 10ft, 12ft, 14ft standard stable front and side partitions suitable for tack rooms, ponies and horses, but we also offer a bespoke option for any size stable/box required.

Evaluate the benefits

Look at the benefits of installing a sliding door on the gable end of your building. Not only will this save space and offer greater ease of access, but it will also make less noise than an electric door and will reduce the chance of spooking your horse.

Let there be natural light!

Horses, by their nature, are outdoor creatures and whilst many prefer the comfort of a barn, their physiologically health requires fresh air and natural light. Dutch doors or windows provide an ideal solution.

Include an area for food and water storage.

Ease of access is essential if you want to avoid hauling heavy buckets of horse feed across your yard.

Adequate ventilation

Ventilation is a critical factor when it comes to maintaining the health of your horse. High quality air is essential for minimising respiratory concerns and improving welfare.

Consider installing solar panels

With rooftop photo-voltaic (PV) solar panels, the electricity generated is used onsite and can also provide an additional source of income.

Work with a trusted manufacturer.

Find an experienced builder that you can trust and take the opportunity to visit other projects that they have completed to see their workmanship in practice.