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What to Consider for Usability in Your Yard & Stable Design

Cheshire Retirement Livery

An American Barn can provide a tremendously versatile stabling solution. With everything under the one roof, the structure is ideal for creating a relaxed and sociable environment for your horse, whilst also simplifying your stable management processes. Plan ahead People who have one horse have a very special ability to acquire several more four legged […]

Graham Heath Equestrian Announces Sponsorship with Kelsall Horse Trials

GHES is delighted to be partnering with Kelsall Hill Equestrian for the British Eventing Official Horse trials this September! We are sponsoring an Open Intermediate section at Kelsall Hill Horse Trials this weekend (on 22nd-24th September). Kelsall Hill Equestrian is an equine oasis situated in the heart of the Cheshire countryside-a perfect venue for British […]

The Freedom to Roam Makes a Happy Home

Although many horses and ponies love life indoors during the colder winter months, many  like to enjoy the grass too. Giving them the freedom to roam, graze and interact with other horses at their leisure is priceless, however, providing them with shelter from the Great British climate is essential. Anyone that owns horses knows that most […]

Preparing for Winter at UK Dairy Day

The farming industry turned out in its thousands for another impressive UK Dairy Day on Wednesday 16th September. Along with farmers putting plans in place for the imminent winter weather, the Graham Heath Construction team embraced the autumnal weather, helped by layers of branded jackets, fleeces and hats… Well, those that were left after being […]

The Importance of a CE Registered Equestrian Building Supplier

There is no doubt that a business working in any area associated with equestrian activities will have special requirements when it comes to building and construction. Stables, training arenas or horse riding schools all need a range of buildings and other constructions that have to deal with the demands of powerful horses and their daily […]

Your Winter Stabling Solutions

The winter months can present difficulties for horse owners who are passionate about their animals and those in the equestrian industry who like to ensure the best possible care is given to provide a warm and safe environment during this difficult period. In the UK, the seasonal weather patterns mean that changes need to be […]

Are Your Stables Ready for the Autumn & Winter?

One of the many reasons people love the UK is the fact that we have distinct seasons – but it’s also well known that the autumn and winter months can present certain challenges for various businesses and in particular for the equestrian industry. There are many different approaches to a winter turnout policy and these […]

Different Types of Equestrian Buildings

Different Types of Equestrian Buildings

Whether you are running a small equestrian business or a major outfit involving a large number of horses, you must ensure that your buildings are up to scratch. Dealing with the needs and requirements of powerful animals means paying careful attention to the buildings which you use every day. Today, there are many different construction […]