Advantages of Using Timber Cladding for Your Stable Buildings

Advantages of Using Timber Cladding for Your Stable Buildings

Anyone operating their own horse-riding school, training arena or stables will be more than familiar with the specific needs that come with constructing an equestrian building. As horses are powerful creatures, you need to ensure that the buildings you use are durable and robust; standing up to potential damage and offering a safe and protected environment for the horses when they’re inside.

Timber cladding is a popular option with equestrian buildings, as it offers a vast selection of benefits. Speaking to Duane Roberts, our Senior Draughtsman, about this fantastic construction material, we look at the advantages of choosing timber cladding for your equestrian building.

What is timber cladding?

Cladding is the application of one material onto another one and often refers to the process by which roofs are protected from the elements. The applied material is intended to act as a layer or “skin” for the structure beneath and usually fulfils both a practical weather-proofing function and an aesthetic purpose.

Aesthetic benefits

Starting with aesthetics, one of the main benefits of timber cladding on equestrian buildings is the superior style which it offers. As timber is more malleable than some other construction materials, a great range of styles and options are available with this type of cladding and that is perfect for those looking to turn their equestrian outfit into a stylish operation.

A particularly popular example is Yorkshire Boarding which features spaces in between the wood for a really stylish effect. This gives equestrian buildings a distinctive look which matches the ambience found at stables, riding schools and other horse-based centres perfectly.

Practical benefits

As well as looking great, timber cladding is also incredibly practical. Yorkshire Boarding, for example, is a great way to guarantee good ventilation and airflow within the building. This is obviously a key consideration for those caring for horses and ensures the internal environment is perfectly suited to horses and livestock.

In addition to this, timber cladding is also incredibly waterproof. Materials are always treated to help them remain impervious to water but the design and construction of timber cladding means that, even if ventilation gaps are present, water will not seep through unless it hits the gaps directly.

For those with stables or other equestrian buildings, timber cladding is therefore an obvious choice.

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