Different Types of Equestrian Buildings

Different Types of Equestrian Buildings

Whether you are running a small equestrian business or a major outfit involving a large number of horses, you must ensure that your buildings are up to scratch. Dealing with the needs and requirements of powerful animals means paying careful attention to the buildings which you use every day. Today, there are many different construction options to choose from.

Graham Heath Equestrian offer a variety of materials to choose from. You will want to balance durability versus animal welfare. Concrete panels are strong, but horses could injure themselves should they kick them. Breeze blocks can also be used as well as wood panelling. We have provided a range of solutions for any equestrian construction project; making each building to bespoke specifications and treating each individual job on its own merits

With many years’ experience and Graham Heath, the company’s owner having horses and ponies, we truly understand what’s important when designing and constructing a building. All our buildings are designed using the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, working with you on every last detail. GHE makes structures that are in daily use all over the UK and essentially there are four main types of equestrian buildings:

1. Stable blocks

Graham Heath Equestrian can make any size of stable block; we offer a wide variety of roofing materials as well as lighting for your horses and ponies. We will build a stabling solution to any width and also include muck out channels, tack and trophy rooms. Our stable blocks go through our rigorous quality control checking process so you can be confident of quality.

2. Field shelters

These open fronted buildings can be situated on a concrete base, which offers a good solid footing. The requirements for being weatherproof and providing shelter in bad weather means that concrete is an ideal material – no matter where the building is set to be located.

3. Internal stables

The stabling of horses and ponies is one of the most important aspects of owning these beautiful animals. Graham Heath Equestrian has more than two decades of experience and countless satisfied customers. We provide all the necessary services to ensure your stables or livery yard are a success. We provide a multitude of design options that include; all clad, half clad or half steel work. Customers can buy merely the frontage or the sides. We really offer a bespoke solution to suit your requirements. Our internal horse stables also come in a variety of sizes from 10ft, 12ft and 14ft. If these sizes do not suit we will also work with you to create the desired bespoke size.

4. Arenas

Indoor arenas can be put to many uses, whether for training purposes or the staging of events. It is another area of equestrian commercial activity that may need to take human needs into account as much as it does those of horses as once again adequate protection from the elements and the provision of a safe and secure working environment are paramount. Graham Heath Equestrian have constructed extensive arenas, equestrian hospitality areas and viewing galleries for some of the most prestigious equestrian centres in the UK that include Arena UK.